10 Practical Hacks to Be More Professional During Online Meetings


The popularity of online meetings has skyrocketed in recent times.

However, many businesses are failing to train their staff on how to participate effectively in remote meetings.

As a result, communication can feel disjointed and impersonal, which can negatively impact productivity and ruin rapport.

In this article I address the ten most common mistakes to ensure you and your team are both professional and engaged when meeting online.

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How Not To Look Like An Amateur During Meetings When Working From Home


I've worked exclusively from home for over 3 years and have a team of 17 people based across the globe. I wish I'd known the following when I was getting started with online meetings...

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10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Free Your Time


If you are drowning in admin, email management or struggling with your digital marketing and website design, you're not alone. Many entrepreneurs struggle with all the tasks that need to get done each day and end up working late into the night. If this is a problem that you frequently have maybe you need to try working with a virtual assistant.

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10 Simple Steps To Outsourcing Your Email Management


One of the first tasks I advise that you outsource to a VA is your email management. It will save you time and it is a lot easier to outsource and delegate tasks than you might think. I outsource all of my email, social media and other messages and notifications. My VA then files, archives, deletes, forwards and replies for me.

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How to Write Killer Job Posts to Attract the Best Virtual Assistants


Whether you are looking to hire an admin assistant or a marketing guru, writing a stand out job post will help your business attract the very best virtual assistants around.

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Insider guide to Virtual Assistants


What is a virtual assistant? Well, a virtual assistant is a freelance worker who can help support small businesses with a wide variety of tasks. This could be anything from admin to HR or website development. In essence, they can offer the same level of business support that an in-house employee could do.

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First Tasks To Outsource


Here’s how you decide what tasks YOU need to outsource first:

The goal of this exercise is to find the “Long, Easy, Not Fun” tasks. Outsource these tasks first and it will give you the greatest benefit with the least amount of effort. (I recommend you do this exercise rather than trying to guess what these tasks are!)

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How to Effectively Prioritise Tasks


We all have one thing in common, there are only so many hours in the day. The problem is that there is just so much to do and not enough time to get through the ever-expanding ‘To Do’ list. This can feel impossible and de-motivating. Most days you fail to get through even half of what you need to and end up feeling overwhelmed. You know that you need to prioritise your tasks, but don't know how to effectively do it.

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Our Guide to Paying The 13th Month Pay Benefit


You might be wondering what does a 13th month pay benefit mean? After all, there are still only 12 months in a year, right?

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3 Reasons why your business needs an Operations Manual


You might well be asking, ‘what is an operations manual and why would I need one?’ Your Operations Manual is your guide to running your company. In theory, if you create a complete operations manual, you should be able to get any VA to run your business for you by simply asking them to follow the instructions therein.

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