First Tasks To Outsource

Here’s how you decide what tasks YOU need to outsource first:

The goal of this exercise is to find the “Long, Easy, Not Fun” tasks. Outsource these tasks first and it will give you the greatest benefit with the least amount of effort. (I recommend you do this exercise rather than trying to guess what these tasks are!)

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effectively prioritise tasks

How to Effectively Prioritise Tasks

We all have one thing in common, there are only so many hours in the day. The problem is that there is just so much to do and not enough time to get through the ever-expanding ‘To Do’ list. This can feel impossible and de-motivating. Most days you fail to get through even half of what you need to and end up feeling overwhelmed. You know that you need to prioritise your tasks, but don't know how to effectively do it.

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13th month pay benefit

Our Guide to Paying The 13th Month Pay Benefit

You might be wondering what does a 13th month pay benefit mean? After all, there are still only 12 months in a year, right?

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why your business needs an operations manual

3 Reasons why your business needs an Operations Manual

You might well be asking, ‘what is an operations manual and why would I need one?’ Your Operations Manual is your guide to running your company. In theory, if you create a complete operations manual, you should be able to get any VA to run your business for you by simply asking them to follow the instructions therein.

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Guidelines on Registration & Tax obligations for Filipino VAs

I know the subject of taxation isn’t exactly an exciting subject to most of us, but it is an important one to understand and get right. Having a good understanding of the VA tax obligations in the country where you plan on setting up as a freelancer is a great place to start for any budding VA. When you start up a VA business in the Philippines, the first thing that you really need to look into is ensuring that you are set up legitly. If you are not set up through the taxation system properly it will lead to you having real problems down the line which are easily avoidable with a bit of time and effort in the beginning.

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The intention of this post is to give you enough information to make your own assessment as to what you should pay your international remote workers. After reading this I hope you will be confident that you are not taking advantage of people and that what you are doing is giving your workers and their families a decent quality of life.

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6-Step System Outsource Market Research

Getting to know your potential customers, their unmet needs and who your competitors are is essential if you are going to effectively market your new idea, service or product. Using language which resonates with your target audience and answering actual problems is a fast track way to build trust and convert them into ardent fans.

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8 Apps Services Needed Delegate Almost Anything VA

Learning to ‘let go’ and stop micromanaging your VAs is a skill that improves with time and practice. Using the right tools can make you feel more confident in delegating and hopefully speed up this process.

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Best Webinar Software

As a business owner, we always need to be in the loop. There is always the need to communicate, and to communicate effectively. Not being to provide information or respond at the right time using the best medium, including a webinar software, could make or break a business deal.

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How to Train Your VA to Write Amazing Facebook Posts for You

With over 2 billion monthly users, if you don’t have a strong Facebook presence and compelling Facebook posts, you are missing out on a huge potential market for your product or service. Start tapping into this powerful social media platform by following this simple guide to outsourcing your blog research and copywriting to your very own Facebook genius!

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