How to Write Killer Job Posts to Attract the Best Virtual Assistants

Mar 3, 2020 10:47:56 AM / by Steve Day

How to Write Killer Job Posts to Attract the Best Virtual Assistants


Whether you are looking to hire an admin assistant or a marketing guru, writing a stand out job post will help your business attract the very best virtual assistants around.

Hiring and training staff is one of the most time-consuming activities in business. It also usually happens when you are overworked and time-poor. Why else would you be hiring an assistant?

You must make every effort to ensure your next recruit is a good fit for your company and for the role you're hiring for, and that they stick around for the long-term.

The problem is where do you start?

Well, you need to write a killer job posting by following the 9 steps below and ensure that the best people apply!


Write a killer job post and hire the best virtual assistants


Step 1. Don't look for a 'Superstar Virtual Assistant'

Be reasonable about what one person can do

Over the years I have seen this term used a lot. The 'Superstar Virtual Assistant'. This is when you look for someone who can do everything. Well, I hate to burst the bubble, but they don't exist, as no one can do everything. All virtual assistants will have their own areas that they specialise in, so it is up to you to find the right person for your needs. If you can't find one person that fits all your requirements, you might need to look at working with a couple of virtual assistants on a part-time basis and build a small team.

For example, someone who is creative may not have the patience to do repetitive admin work. Likewise, it's unlikely that someone who's a whizz at spreadsheets is also a great graphic designer!

Being realistic about what any one person can do is the most important factor in your new assistant being successful in their role. If you expect too much, you'll be disappointed.

We ask all our recruits to take the free Genius test and ensure the role we are hiring for suits their personality.


Step 2. Introduction

You need to impress here to ensure people read on

Write your introduction in a welcoming and friendly way and highlight all the positive aspects of the position in a brief couple of paragraphs, at most.

A top tip is to concentrate on the first three lines of your job posting, as these are the most important. Therefore, they really need to stand out. If the first three lines fail to draw readers in they will move on to something that they engage with better.


Step 3. Why will they want to work for you

Think about what's it like working for you?

You need to start by including an overview of what it is like working for your company. Be personable and write in the first-person narrative. Speak directly to the person and ensure people buy into what you are saying.

Create a desirable product with your job post that will entice the best to apply. Let people know how the successful candidate's life will change for the better by working for you.

Be clear and concise on pay and employee benefits

Make sure the rate of pay is clear and any bonuses that you will pay i.e. holiday pay etc. Also, state if payments will be weekly or monthly and how they will be paid, by Paypal for example.


Step 4. Who would be perfect for the role?

Frame the desired personal attributes in terms of the role's responsibilities

Rather than simply stating something like, 'Excellent written English is essential', instead, think about the reason why this is important in this particular role. Doing this helps the candidate understand the role and why this skill is required.

For example, 'You’ll be responsible for managing our companies emails and instant messaging- so you need to love writing in English and helping people'.


Step 5. Tell them what they will do

What recurring tasks can they expect to be in charge of?

Unless I'm looking for someone with an existing skill-set, for example, a graphic designer with experience in creating infographics, I like to tell people what they will be trained to do.

For example, in our admin roles, we provide an operations manual or video guidance to show the person how to complete each task. So we explain they will receive the required training to complete the role.

If we simply listed the tasks, without explaining that they'll be trained to do them, some people may be put off as they may feel they don't have the required skills.

On the whole, we are looking for people with a passion for learning and improving. We don't often look for someone who can do everything from day one as their job will likely evolve over time. Therefore, in most cases, the ability to learn new skills is more important than past experience.

If experience using particular apps is desirable, it's fine to state this. In certain cases, we do make such skills a prerequisite- but this is the exception, not the rule.

When listing the responsibilities that the role will involve, it is a great idea to bullet point them within the job post. This makes it clear and easy to read, so people know exactly what you are looking for.

Just list the main tasks and refer to step 1 when doing this. Don't overwhelm the applicants before they've even applied!


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Step 6. What will be expected of them (KPI’s)

How will their performance be assessed?

When people are applying for a position they may find it helpful to understand in advance the clear metrics that you will be judging their performance on.

So, letting them know in advance the targets that need to be met on a daily / monthly basis will help ensure the most suitable candidates apply.


Step 7. Company Values and Purpose

Sell your dream- build a tribe!

Let the applicants know why you do what you do and what your most important values are. You want to build a tribe of loyal and passionate workers.

Hiring and training staff is one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities in a business. Therefore it's important that your recruits share a passion for your company's vision and values. And, more importantly, their personal vision and goals can be achieved by working for you. If you don't establish this from the outset, they won't stick around for the long-term if it transpires that you aren't aligned.

This 'fluffy' stuff is more important than many new business owners think. When you're hiring your first part-time assistant, it can be tempting to just to go with the first person you find. The problem is unless you dig a bit deeper and ensure you are a good fit for each other from the outset, there's a good chance that person will leave after a few weeks or months.

You may be lucky and hit it off, but why leave this to chance?

I recommend doing the Values Determination Process by Dr Demartini and then using this as a basis for creating your company's values.

Don't simply list cliche words like Integrity and Honesty as these mean different things to different people. Instead, frame your value in terms of why they are important to you.

For example, two of my highest personal values are Freedom and Family. This means I want my company to value protected personal time, working smart not hard and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. I want my staff to feel passionate about these too- so they help to create a working environment that encourages these behaviours.


Step 8. Job Title

Think about SEO when coming up with a title

It might seem like the first thing you need to think about is the job title. Actually, it can help to leave this until the end. Once you have the post written, a compelling title will become obvious and you can tailor it to what the role requires.

Selecting the most appropriate keywords for your industry will help your job posting reach your target audience. So, make sure you include these keywords in your title.

Try to make it stand out from the dull ‘Admin Assistant Needed’ or ‘Are you an excellent Data Entry Clerk?’- However, you still need to include a common searchable term that will help the right person find your posting

For example, when hiring a new assistant to manage your emails and instant messaging you could use something like this:

'Customer Service Manager: If you love communicating in written English and helping people then please join our friendly team!'


Step 9. Application Process

Be clear on the process and what you need from them

Here you need to explain the process of applying. You could do this using numbered bullet points.

Let them know if video calls or timed tests will be required and give them an idea of how long you expect the process to take.

If you need their CV or if an application form needs to be filled out, make that clear here.

Lastly, be honest and state that you can't get back to everyone who applies, especially if you are getting a lot of responses. Then give them an idea of how long it will take for you to get back to successful candidates and wish them all luck.


write a killer job post to attract the best virtual assistants


I hope this step by step guide will take the pain out of writing your next job posting. Hopefully, it will help you attract the best virtual assistants to come and work for your business.

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